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Clinic Way 2% Night Cream

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Dr Irena Eris CLINIC WAY 2o Night Cream 50ml RETINOID REVITALIZATION SPF 20 40+ ANTI-WRINKLE DERMOCREAM Description: Effectively fights the processes responsible for the formation of elastotic wrinkles and reduces the already existing wrinkles. Retinoid Complex – supports the elimination of skin damage caused by UV. It stimulates the production of collagen, regulates the epidermis renewal process and melanogenesis. The result is increased flexibility and elasticity, reduction of wrinkles, and improved colour and protective functions of the skin. Revolutionary SKIN RENEWAL REACTIVATOR FGF1 LMS with a unique dermal transport LIPO-SPHERE TECHNOLOGY – inhibits the process of skin aging by reactivating the regenerative properties and the potential for self-renewal at three levels of the skin. Aqua Calcis – pharmacopoieal limewater, owing to its antiseptic, soothing and irritation-alleviating properties, provides a safe and comfortable care for sensitive skin. Use: Apply cream every night onto a cleansed skin of face and neck.