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Cosmed Moisturizing Cream 400ML

AlKhaleej Pharmacy

COSMED’S ATOPIA Protecting & Moisturizing Cream specifically formulated to calm irritated skin and help reduce redness. Ranks at the top when it comes to sensitive and acne prone skin. It is among very few creams, offers gentle effects on sensitive skin while still being very effective in skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. Moreover, measured a safe and effective cure for people who have sensitive skin. It helps to control the sebum production so pores don’t get clogged, limits bacterial proliferation, and relieves the inflammation along with decreasing redness. Acts as an anti-inflammatory, repairing agent, soothing agent, anti-stress and anti-redness/ anti-couperose agent. Apart from UV light, a well-known and well-described stressor of skin, other environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and especially sudden changes in these circumstances play an important negative role in inducing the typical neurosensory and inflammatory signs in sensitive skin, and especially in barrier function.