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JF Sulphur Bar

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 USE EVERYDAY TO TREAT ACNE & PIMPLES CAN BE USED TO BATHE THE BODY TO TREAT FUNGAL INFECTIONS (PANAU & KURAP) USED TO TREAT SCABIES JF SULFUR SOAP contains 10% sulfur. A formulation developed using the most modern technology for the exact scientific blending of ingredients and exclusive perfume. JF SULFUR SOAP prevents and cures most skin diseases caused by fungi such as, dermatomycosis, athlete’s foot ring worm etc. It also prevents minor infections caused by bacteria, or even scabies, caused by mites in the skin. JF SULFUR SOAP is recommended for normal to oily skin. JF SULFUR SOAP is formulated especially to meticulously clean the skin and to aid in the natural peeling of the skin, so that the follicular orifices are kept open for proper drainage of their contents, derived from the follicular debris and sebacoaus glands and cures the pimple or acne vulgaris. JF SULFUR SOAP can be used as a dandruff shampoo.