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Monkast Tablet 10mg 1x14s

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It is used to ease allergy signs.
It is used to prevent breathing problems that happen with exercise.
It is used to treat or prevent asthma.
It may be given to you for other reasons. Talk with the doctor.

Side effects
Major & minor side effects for MONKAST 10mg Tablet 2x7s
Headache severe
Stomach pain severe
Chest tightness severe
Joint pain severe
Difficulty in swallowing severe
Pus in urine severe
Agitation and anxiety
Skin rash
Heart burn
Pain in the ears
Blurred vision
Infection of the airways
Churg-Strauss syndrome severe
Churg-Strauss syndrome sever.


Monkast is not indicated for use in the reversal of bronchospasm in acute asthma attacks (in case of status asthmaticus). Patients with known aspirin sensitivity should continue avoidance of aspirin or other NSAID, while taking Monkast.

In rare cases, patients on therapy with Monkast may present with systemic eosinophilia, sometimes presenting with clinical features of vasculitis consistent with churg-strauss syndrome, a condition which is often treated with systemic corticosteroid therapy. Physician should be alert to eosinophilia, vasculitic rash, worsening pulmonary symptoms, cardiac complications, and/or neuropathy presenting in their patients. A causal association between Monkast and these underlying conditions has not been established.

Use of this medicine in pregnant women should be avoided unless clearly needed. Consult your doctor and discuss the possible risks and benefits before taking this medicine.

Use of this medicine should be avoided unless clearly needed. The risk of adverse effects in the infant is fairly low but caution should be exercised. Consult your doctor before taking this medicine.