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PARTUS CARE Lotion 50g

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Body Firming Lotion after Child Birth & Weight Loss

No Cellulite (extra fats), Firms & Tones the Skin with Co-enzyme Q-10 & Vitamin E

PARTUS CARE Body Firming Lotion helps to prevent stretch marks before & after pregnancy and weight loss.  PARTUS CARE body firming lotion also helps to relieve sensations of tightness, reinforce skin elasticity and leave the skin feeling supple and comfortable. PARTUS CARE body firming lotion provides long lasting moisture and nourishment while leaving skin feeling soft, safe for both postpartum & during breast feeding. This non greasy lotion helps to improve firming of loose skin.

  • Brings belly back to normal position
  • Relieves sensations of tightness
  • Safe for MOM
  • Leaves skin to velvety soft
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Boosts skin firming & toning
  • Eases fragile skin
  • Clinically & Dermatologically Tested
  • Day & Night Lotion for External Use Only
  • Available Size 50ge (1.76 fl.oz.)