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Pharmaceris Gray Shampoo


The shampoo offers an effective solution to the problems of hair greying and hair loss related to the natural genetic age of the hair as well as environment and civilization-related factors (stress, poor eating habits, environmental pollution) which cause premature hair aging. The shampoo effectively cleanses the scalp and improves hair condition. Thanks to the potent effect of concentrated naringenin, the shampoo works in two ways: it slows down hair aging and restores the natural hair pigmentation. Naringenin activates mitochondria which are critical for life processes in cells, extending their life span and silencing the genes responsible for the suppression of pigment synthesis. This way it slows down hair graying and reduces the number of gray hair.

Shampoo designed for women and men affected by excessive temporary or premature hair loss.;It helps fight balding related to genetic predispositions and hormonal (androgenic alopecia) or environmental factors •It effectively prevents hair loss caused by prolonged medication, stress, fatigue, general weakness (e.g. related to diet), or after pregnancy Free of parabens, allergens, colourants and silicones •100% increases hair density and thickness 87% strengthens hair 70% stimulates new hair growth 70% prevents hair loss 70% makes the scalp less visible.