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Sitamet-Xr Tablet 100/1000mg 2x7s

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Monotherapy: This medicine is used for treating type 2 diabetes (condition characterized by elevated glucose levels) that is inadequately controlled by metformin, diet and exercise.

Dual therapy: It is used for treating diabetes type 2 along with metformin or a glitazone when patients respond inadequately to diet changes, exercise and either metformin or glitazine, or in combination with sulphonylureas in patients contraindicated for metformin, and for patients that do not respond adequately to sulphonylureas alone.

Triple therapy: This medicine is used with metformin and a sulphonylureas or glitazone for treating diabetes 2 that is inadequately controlled by dual therapy.

With insulin: This medicine is used with or without metformin for treating type 2 diabetes in patients who respond inadequately to diet, exercise, and insulin.

Side Effects

The patients administered with this medicine may experience pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas), allergic reactions, Stevens-Jhonson Syndrome (allergic reaction), Hypoglycemia (low glucose levels), bullous pemphigoid (large fluid-filled blisters), osteoarthritis (weak bones), upper respiratory tract infections, flatulence, swelling, and influenza (flu-like symptoms). 

When not to use

The patients with diabetic ketoacidosis (condition causing fat breakdown at an abnormal rate) and moderate to severe renal (kidney) impairment should avoid use of this medicine.

  • Please take this medicine with or without meals.
  • Please consult your prescriber immediately if you experience trouble breathing, persistent abdominal pain, or any other adverse effects.
  • Dosage requires adjustment in case of trauma, surgery, and infection.
  • Please monitor glucose levels throughout use of this medicine.
  • Please ensure you tell your doctor you have diabetes before any surgery, getting medicine, etc.

  1. What else can I do to manage my glucose levels?

To manage your glucose levels, you can make several lifestyle changes such as:

  • Following a light regular physical exercise routine
  • Limiting use of alcohol
  • Limiting or complete cessation of smoking
  • Eating healthy
  • Taking care of your physical and mental health
  1. How does Sitagliptin work?

It works by increasing the amount of insulin your body makes. Insulin in the hormone that is involved in glucose management in your body.

  1. How long does Sitagliptin take to work?

It begins working after approximately 2 weeks. However, you will see the maximum effects after 18-20 weeks.

  1. What is the best time to take Sitagliptin?

Take it at one time every day. Please follow this same routine and continue to take it at the same time every day.

  1. Does Sitagliptin have any serious side effects?

This medicine does not have any serious side effects when taken according to the doctor’s prescription, at the specified time. However, if you experience any severe side effects, consult your doctor immediately.